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Black Powder / Muzzle Loader

Black Powder / Sources & Characteristics

PowderBurns' Black Powder / Muzzle Loader Forum Discuss this obsession with other addicts.
Black Powder / Pyrodex Characteristics History, characteristics, limitations of powder and load.
Mad Monk Black Powder Characteristics More info than you might need.
GOEX Powder The "real" stuff, Black Powder.
Clear Shot Powder Non-corrosive replica powder.
CleanShot Technologies Another non-corrosive replica powder.
Pyrodex Replica powder, corrosive but more stable/less fouling than BP.

Retail Distributors

The GunWorks Muzzle Loading Emporium An Emporium in Springfield Oregon
Buffalo Arms BP, cartridge/muzzle load, and more.
Dixie Gun Works "Deep in the heart of Dixie . . ."
Track Of The Wolf Muzzle Loading Gun Parts / Supplies / Tech Tips.

Associations / Clubs

National Muzzle Loader Rifle Association Like the NRA only anachronistic.
Western States Muzzleloaders Association Local association, Josephine Co., Grants Pass Oregon.
Coon 'n Crocket Muzzlerloaders Grand Forks, North Dakota

Resource & Links Sites

One Hole Marksmanship Bench rest technique, for zeroing in.
Tal's Muzzleloading Site All sorts of links/resources.
Crooked Hand's (Wethlee-Enke) Authentic Powder Horns Links & American Indian resources.
Kentucky Long Rifle Rifles, Links, history of the Kentucky/Pennsylvania rifle.
Pennsylvania Longrifles Inc. Gorgeous hand made custom rifles, and some history/discussion.
Long Rifle Types A discussion from Pennsylvania Longrifles Inc. Relating to historical trekking/rendezvous.
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